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July: Design Crawl

July: Design Crawl 1200 900 Design Business Chamber Singapore

Our first Design Crawl to 4 of our SG Mark 2018 winners’ facilities – Philips APAC Centre’s Health Continuum Space, St Luke’s Eldercare Ayer Rajah Centre, Dell Experience Design Group’s Alienware Gaming Series and Autobahn’s Car Vending Machine.​

Bosses’ Network Cruise

Bosses’ Network Cruise 1024 769 Design Business Chamber Singapore

Our President was invited by Senior Minister of State (SMS), Ms Sim Ann, to share about human-centred design at the Bosses Network Cruise 2018. Following morning, Mr Andrew Pang and another DBCS EXCO Member, Mr Kimming Yap, conducted a workshop on Customer Journey Mapping.

August: Appointment of Patron

August: Appointment of Patron 587 441 Design Business Chamber Singapore

SMS Ms Sim Ann accepted our invitation to be Patron of DBCS.

EXCO Planning Retreat

EXCO Planning Retreat 1200 900 Design Business Chamber Singapore

An invigorating time together taking stock, answering hard questions and envisioning how Singapore (and beyond) can achieve Better Business by Design. 

September: TISDC 2018

September: TISDC 2018 1024 769 Design Business Chamber Singapore

The International Design Master Lecture Series on 6 Sep had overseas design experts share their experience and observations on design culture, design education and the relationship between design and life.

The Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC) Preliminary Selection was held outside of Taiwan for the first time at the National Design Centre on 7 Sep where a panel of international jurors assessed students’ submissions in the different categories.

October: Design Thinking In Action

October: Design Thinking In Action 1024 769 Design Business Chamber Singapore

We are honoured to be the partner of DTIA Practitioners’ Get-together 2018 that was organised by Design Thinking in Action-Asia, supported by DesignSingapore Council held in Singapore on 27-28 Oct. A weekend packed with brilliant insights and invigorating discussions among the design thinking community from different parts of the world!

November: DTIA SG Community

November: DTIA SG Community 1121 900 Design Business Chamber Singapore

As a follow-up to the Design Thinking in Action-Asia Get-together, DBCS organised and hosted the first drinks and dialogue for the DT practitioners in Singapore on 14 Nov. It was attended by a good mix of those from the public and private sectors (including a non-profit organisation). Everyone contributed to the potluck spread and lively discussions.

December: Christmas Dinner

December: Christmas Dinner 2581 1936 Design Business Chamber Singapore

The most wonderful time of the year where we take the opportunity to appreciate the EXCO & Secretariat together with their spouses for their tireless contribution to another successful year!

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