SUTD Design Innovation Forum – Design Alliance Summit

SUTD Design Innovation Forum – Design Alliance Summit 2250 2250 Design Business Chamber Singapore


The Design Alliance Summit is a gathering of the world’s top-notch design universities. This event aims to foster collaboration innovation and knowledge sharing among the brightest minds in the design education community. The centerpiece of the summit will be a round table discussion with the guests on the Future of Design Education.


Knowledge Sharing: The summit creates a platform for the exchange of ideas experiences and best practices among the world’s leading design institutions. This knowledge-sharing will benefit not only the participating universities but also participating government official who may tap on the discussion to explore the role of design in education reform offering ideas and solutions for improving educational practices and outcomes. The Summit will also provide insights into the current state and future direction of the design industry, helping practitioners stay informed and competitive.

Collaboration Opportunities: The summit fosters collaborations among universities potentially leading to joint research projects student exchanges and international partnerships. Collaborative discussions at the summit can lead to insights and strategies for addressing global challenges through design.

Forum Highlights

The Future of Design Education: Collaborative Approaches and Global Impact

  1. The Value of Design to Society
  2. Changes to Design Education
  3. The Future of Design – Impact of AI
  4. Collaboration Between IHLs and Industry on Design

Please note that this is a free programme.

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