Dbcs Circle Connects x IAF

Dbcs Circle Connects x IAF 4501 4501 Design Business Chamber Singapore

Designers are known for their love of solving problems. With bright minds and lit up eyes, they are able to derive gaps and insights with ideas and concepts to follow through.

However, how do you manage stakeholders after presenting great ideas?

In this upcoming workshop partnering with IAF, we get to learn about facilitation 101. Effective facilitation is the first step in honing in on a problem to bring about creative solutions and consensus.

Come and join us! You will get to meet new faces, engaged with knowledge and questions about facilitation. Without a doubt, you will walk away with a valuable, insightful and fruitful night from the IAF team and facilitators.  

Mark your calendar on 21 July 2022, Thursday, 6:30pm-9:00pm at the Pixel(Nearest MRT station: One-North).
If you are interested, you may register here: https://forms.gle/QM4hZRmENWs8vTDMA

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